Welcome to Family Counseling Place
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Welcome to Family Counseling Place
family counseling / marriage counseling / individual counseling

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Welcome to Family Counseling Place

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We strive to create a friendly atmosphere with warmth and caring in an environment where clients feel safe to confidentially discuss their concerns, their feelings of fear and anxiety, and even intimate personal problems. Our staff offers a wide range of counseling services in Carrollton, TX designed to help adults, marriages, or entire families. We use traditional values of honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. A keystone of our practice is providing homework for clients to complete outside of therapy.

This has several benefits: It keeps the clients focused on finding the solution to their problems, it reduces therapy time and cost, and it stimulates self-esteem and confidence as clients learn and practice for themselves new skills and techniques in their own environment. Clients have a choice of male or female therapists and day, evening, or Saturday appointments. We offer in-person and telehealth appointments. The cities of Frisco, Plano, The Colony, Little Elm, Lewisville, Coppell, Flower Mound, Richardson, and other surrounding cities are all within easy driving distance. This website is to acquaint you with the services we offer, introduce our staff, provide directions to our office location, and inform you of how and when to call for an appointment.

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What our clients say

  • Day two of divorce and needing to get children to counseling ASAP, so we scheduled with Ms. Walker. She agreed to meet with our family that same night. Our first session was a happy one and we all left happy. Almost immediately my wife said "we certainly found the right counselor for our children." I completely agree. Steven Gleaves

  • Tracey is my therapist, and I love her dearly. I've had other therapists and mentors, and while none of them were bad, none of them were for ME. Tracey is amazing because, not only does she have the training of a family therapist, but she also allows herself to be guided by the Spirit--thus reaching me on a level that is most intimate. She is able to find the ROOT of each issue, and knows me well enough to teach me how I can fix it. She doesn't cut and paste solutions--she heals INDIVIDUALS.

  • Gale is very emphatic, supportive, gentle, and a great resource! She is a wonderful listener and offers solutions for your happiness. She also provides a calm, peaceful, environment.

  • I had not tried counseling in my life until two years ago, which was for premarital counseling. Gale did a wonderful job guiding us both to being a better partner and a better person. She is a very caring and genuine person and feel blessed to have been able to have her in our lives.

  • My husband and I have been seeing Dan for over a year now. I was concerned at first, switching from my female counsel to a male for the couples counseling. I guess I expected him to side with my husband and only see his side of our problems. That was a horrible assumption, as Dan has been great at validating my feelings, helping me understand my husband more, and giving us great tools in communication. We feel like we are making great progress with each visit. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend him.

  • Tracey has been a God send in the last four years helping me cope and deal with things that have happened and that been going on! I'm very thankful that y'all are around! She helped me see things in different ways and helped me with my faith and I never felt like I was being judged by her no matter what I did wrong or succumbed too! I'm very greatful to have had the opportunity to have a counselor like Tracey!

  • Gale is a wonderful, nurturing, supportive, and encouraging counselor! I highly recommend her and very grateful for her!

  • Very concerned, didn't play to one side or the other. Christian and professional. Will recommended.

  • Absolutely LOVE Mrs. Gale. She has helped me IMMENSELY on my journey to be a happier & fuller person!!!!!!!! I would recommend her to ANYBODY

  • Gale is a wonderful, professional, counselor who has helped me during one of the most difficult times of my life.